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  • 48 hours

    in İzmir

    First Day

    Start experiencing İzmir with a classic İzmir breakfast, egg-boyoz. You can start by seeing the İzmir Clock Tower in Konak Square, the tower is also one of the meeting points of the city.

    If you are interested in museums, İzmir Mask Museum, Women's Museum, Radio and Democracy Museum, Game and Toy Museum, İzmir Joy and Cartoon Museum, İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ahmet Pristina City Archive and Museum, İzmir Atatürk House and Museum, TCDD Museum and Art Gallery is just for you.

    With its 500-year history, the bazaar is a place you must see and shop in İzmir. Many shops, from coppersmiths to bag sellers, from goldsmiths to souvenirs, await you here.

    Besides İzmir's oldest hotel, Yeni Şükran, the National Library and the State and Opera Ballet are also here. When you are tired, do not forget to have a coffee in Kızlarağası Inn and see the Historical Clock Tower, which is very close after you end your shopping.

    Second Day

    If you are interested in cute coastal towns that have managed to preserve their local texture, you can go to Sığacık early on Sunday morning, after having breakfast there, you can shop at the organic market.

    The historical elevator in Karataş district and the cable car in Balçova are the addresses you should stop by to see two of the most beautiful views of İzmir.

    Dario Moreno is one of the greatest artists who lived in İzmir. When you get off the elevator, you will see the famous Dario Moreno Street, where Dario Moreno lived for a period.

    This street is a short but pleasant street full of old Greek houses, sweet cafes and gift shops.

    You can shop on the street and sit in cafes and bars. Afterwards, do not neglect to go to Kordon in parallel and take a walk in the fresh air. There are many places in Alsancak where you can enjoy the nightlife. If you wish, you can take the ferry and go to Karşıyaka.

    If you are interested in history, you can spare one day for Ephesus Ancient City. Bergama, Agora, Erthrai and Teos are among the other ancient cities waiting for you in İzmir.