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  • İzmir GoTürkiye

    "Beautiful İzmir" draws you into a world of picturesque modernity and traditions, with its refreshing touches to human souls. İzmir hypnotizes visitors in an aura of history and modernity.



    Ancient Smyrna is located on the mound in İzmir Bayraklı. It is a small peninsula that was surrounded by the sea to the west and south in ancient times.



    In the Kemaraltı Historical Bazaar you will find products from the skilled hands of İzmir that bring together the traces of the past with the texture of the present.



    A regional favourite, meatballs cooked in tomatoe sauce, green peppers and potatoes takes the city’s name as İzmir Köfte (meatballs).



    The spring in İzmir, when the flowers bloom on its mountains, the snow waters melt, the underground waters flow enthusiastically, and the scents of flowers mix with each other, are another beautiful.



    İzmir is one of the most vibrant and colorful cities of the country with numerous events hosted throughout the year.

    10 vibes for İzmir

    like locals

    Sit on The Grass at Alsancak Kordon; The waterfront of İzmir is known as the "Kordon”. Alsancak is one of the most beautiful spots along the entire coast, perfect for people-watching as you walk by and relax on the grass.

    48 hours

    in İzmir

    Start experiencing İzmir with a classic İzmir breakfast, egg-boyoz. You can start by seeing the İzmir Clock Tower in Konak Square, the tower is also one of the meeting points of the city.